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THIS GIRL is talking with a new breed of women! Women who break stereotypes, overcome obstacles and challenge the norms. The inspirational women share their struggles, lessons and influence culture change. Every woman can create the kind of life she wishes to lead, unrestricted by society’s expectations. You don’t have to choose between your career and motherhood anymore. There’s room for you in industries that were once male dominated. Divorce isn’t the end of your road. We’ve got the power! So let’s talk about that ELEPHANT in the room!

I am so excited to announce our first episode! Maha Ghaznavi and I had a really great time chatting about the things we encounter day-to-day in our lives as moms, as entrepreneurs, with our families and more. It’s just a small peak into what we are going to be digging in deeper on with amazing, powerful and inspiring females from all around the world. We are overjoyed to be able bring a podcast to the table that all you ladies can finally relate to!

Ask the questions and share your thoughts with us. If there’s something you want to hear more about – tell us and let’s make it happen. The hardest thing to do is get the conversation started so let’s not stop now!

’til next week love,

– ThisGirl

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