How Farah turned her passion into a successful business

“She has fallen in love with her business and has discovered her passion!”

A few years back, during her wedding, Farah Hossain felt like she just couldn’t find an event planner that cared enough to go the extra mile or offer a personalized experience. She was having a professional exchange lacking sentiment and a deeper connection. If only her wedding could have been planned better. That’s exactly the reason she opened Facet Events; a boutique celebration planning company, creating events from the simplest dinner party to large multi-day wedding extravaganzas where she personally goes out of her way to get to know her clients, build strong relationships with key players and uses her network to make their dreams come to life. She has fallen in love with her business and has discovered her passion!

What started as a passion project seven years ago, has become a part of her life.  She has built a business from the ground up and has had to overcome many challenges along the way. Facet Events has also evolved through her lessons. Though it originally focused only on wedding planning, Farah extended her focus out to other more intimate events too. Facet Events has recently also added on options such as customized dessert tables and floral jewelry.

Farah Hossain pours her soul into her work. Once you see her level of detail and personalization in the execution of an event, you won’t want anything less for your next life celebration!

“She wanted to be a woman that was in charge of her own destiny.”

From a very young age she knew she stood out.  She was always too loud, too persistent and too bossy.  As she got older, she realized that working for others stifled her creativity.  She knew that she could do it on her own. She wanted to be a woman that was in charge of her own destiny.  And that’s when it became clear. She needed to break free of the limitations that come from working for another and decided to start fresh.  

A network like The WSquad is essential to the success of Facet Events because having the ability to reach out to a tribe of BossLadies that are stars in their respective spaces opens the door to collaborations and partnerships that would not naturally have formed. The WSquad will help to bring women together that didn’t know they could work in a collaborative way with each other. This network has the potential to bridge gaps and truly create a benefit for every woman involved. Facet Events is so very proud of being part of the WSquad!

Give her a follow @facetevents and don’t miss a moment of beautiful celebrations she is creating for her community.

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